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Three Horror Films Shot with the Nostalgic Lens

The visual aesthetics of black and white films present an entirely different, and beautiful, form of art by utilizing the monochromatic spectrum in a unique manner. Contrast, texture, lighting, and detail become fundamental in order to deliver a powerful cinematic...

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International Horror films on Netflix

As the most popular streaming service, Netflix, continues to expand its ongoing catalogue of not only popular titles, but those under the radar as well are given the opportunity to engage new audiences. For those willing to tread unfamiliar territory, Netflix has an...

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Horror-inspired Album Artwork

Horror-inspired Album Artwork

Horror-inspired Album Artwork Horror’s integration in pop culture has thrived in the last thirty years. From popular television series to successful movie franchises, such as Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th, the market for horror has grown into the popular...

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Frankenstein’s Monster, Re-Imagined

Victor LaValle’s Destroyer – A Review H.P. Lovecraft remains one of the most influential writers of the 21st century, continuing to inspire countless works in the name of Chutulu. Born from the very pages of Lovecraft’s most notable works, anthologies continue to...

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Invasion Nation in Video Night – review

Collective fear and anxiety among the American people during the 1980’s influenced pop culture in many ways. As tensions between the Soviets and the United States increased, also known as the Cold War era, the fear of an impending world war and invasion crept among...

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13 Nightmares: A book to read in the dark.

13 Nightmares: A book to read in the dark.

  I had the opportunity to attend the 12th annualTexas Frightmare Weekend on May 5th though the 7th. It was a fun experience, meeting celebrities from past and current films, and chatting with fellow fans of horror. One of the main highlights for me was meeting...

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A SciFi Horror by Manny Ortiz. Available now on Amazon.

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