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Alan Wake – The Nightmare Is Over…For Now

Remedy Entertainment’s horror masterpiece, Alan Wake, will be disappearing from digital retailers (such as Steam and GOG) as well as store shelves on March 15th, 2017. Due to music licensing the company will be forced to remove all copies of Alan Wake indefinitely, or at least until an agreement or resolution is established. What does this mean exactly? Alan Wake no longer has permission to use certain music tracks during the gameplay due to their ‘rights of use’ reaching it’s contractual expiration date. As for the DLC, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, a contractual agreement has been negotiated and therefore will not be effected.


So why bother discussing this topic? For horror gaming aficionados, an opportunity for purchasing the complete Alan Wake franchise is available at a discounted percentage of 90% below retail. This discount only applies to the digital copies available on online retailers such as the two named above. The physical copies will remain at retail cost prior to being pulled from shelves. Alan Wake is a great horror game very much worth the investment in not only money, but the hours of gameplay as well. After Monday afternoon on March 15th, this game will NO LONGER be available for purchase anywhere. Take advantage.