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Comic writer Cullen Bunn has successfully marked his place within the horror genre by creating stories plagued with fear, tension, and most importantly, have a way of engaging the reader. Bunn is currently helming the critically acclaimed series titled Bone Parish, by Boom! Studios, which takes readers on a surreal trip through the eyes of the dead. A new street drug, known as Ash, is engineered using the ashes of the dead to deliver a trip that drives its consumers wanting more. The Winter family, who are the sole proprietors of Ash, have found themselves in a predicament in the midst of a crime world they aren’t fully equipped to handle.

Written by Cullen Bunn with art by Jonas Scharf and coloring by Alex Guimaráes, Bone Parish delves deep into the real life horrors of crime, drug addiction, and nightmarish visions of the dead. Thanks to the art direction and colors of both Scharf and Guimaráes, Bone Parish delivers a wonderful and dark aesthetic by blending the surreal hallucinogens of Ash with the more tangible threat of drug crimes in the real world. The overall colortone of the comic expresses darker blue/green “cold” tones versus the brighter, more saturated, pink colors within the hallucinations generated by Ash. This contrast is helpful in two ways; first, it’s aesthetically appealing as it also guides the reader between the two worlds. Second, the saturated colors within the hallucinations are what make Ash so demanding as it offers an escape from the dark tones of the real world. In some cases, Ash even helps people connect with their loved ones lost in life.

These are the factors that make Bone Parish such a compelling and engaging read. The, at times, terrifying images conjured by the drug set against the crime ridden city of New Orleans offers high tension as the stakes for drug domination continues to rise. Bunn offers insight into the Winter family’s turbulent past which provides context and orients the reader about the present. It’s also Bunn’s writing that enables Scharf and Guimaráes to create a world that will completely engulf the reader into the surreal mixture of fantasy and the real world. Which world would you choose?

Bone Parish is currently on its third issue with number four ready to hit the shelves on October 31st, 2018, at your local comic book shop. Pick up the acclaimed series that declares, “This is definitely a series you won’t want to miss out on”, and Multiversity Comics calls, “…equal parts intriguing, creepy, and intense”. You can also get more information regarding comic subscriptions as well as digital versions through the Boom! Studios official website belowThanks for reading!


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