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The sequence of events that occurred in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 has sparked controversy over the last 70+ years.

Based on a single event, a massive collection of conspiracy theories have influenced the sci-fi/horror market in producing some of the most memorable pieces of fiction; most notably in film, literary, and recently video games. England based development company, Quarter Circle Games, has recently announced through their social media platform, Facebook, to: “Check out the new gameplay trailer for The Peterson Case. A horror game set in Roswell 1947. Coming soon to PS4, Xbox One, and PC. See the full trailer:

Seemingly heading to most major console platforms, The Peterson Case takes charge of the first-person gameplay utilizing impressive graphics with a similar Resident Evil experience. According to the game’s trailer, players will have a mixture of stealth, combat, and atmospheric horror elements to keep the journey an extremely enjoyable one. Regarding The Peterson Case plot, Quarter Circle Games official website displays a tagline along with the games synopsis:

“My name is Franklin Reinhardt. And this is the night I was taken.”

Photo Courtesy: Quarter Circle Games

The Peterson Case is an exciting horror game which will keep you on the edge of your seat – Play as Detective Franklin Reinhardt as you explore a deserted house; unravelling the spine-tingling tale of what has happened to its missing residents.

Set in 1947.

In a location near the Roswell UFO incident. You will play as an experienced detective who has been called in to find information and clues about the mysteriously missing family. Franklin soon discovers that there is an unearthly presence within the house that is hot on his trail – but can he solve the crime before it is all too late?

The Peterson Case strikes the perfect balance between atmospheric horror, suspenseful narrative, and engaging puzzles. Taking the player through a unique experience which is rare within the horror genre

Photo Courtesy: Quarter Circle Games

This is definitely an opportunity for the horror genre in gaming to flourish. With the focus readjusting from action based to atmospheric horror, Quarter Circle Games is making a bold statement by releasing a game set apart from the rest of the current genre. Aiming for the “unique experience”, as mentioned above, The Peterson Case will hopefully keep one aspect of the experience consistent; to scare the living shit out of you.

Photo Courtesy: Quarter Circle Games

Photo Courtesy: Quarter Circle Games

Since its inception in 2015, Quarter Circle Games has been hard at work in producing their debut title, The Peterson Case. On February 2nd, 2018 the games official trailer was released on their YouTube channel. Be sure to also check out the game stills from Quarter Circle’s official website as well as their Facebook page. Thanks for reading!


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