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As the most popular streaming service, Netflix, continues to expand its ongoing catalogue of not only popular titles, but those under the radar as well are given the opportunity to engage new audiences. For those willing to tread unfamiliar territory, Netflix has an impressive collection of horror films hailing from different parts of the world.

Foreign films in general, whether horror or not, present their stories in a much different light, offering more than a big budget production. The following list presents seven current foreign horror titles available for streaming on Netflix:

  1. Strayed (titled Perdidos in Mexico) – directed by Diego Cohen

Initially released in 2014, Perdidos (known as Strayed in the United States) follows four Mexican film students who venture into an abandoned building with the intention of capturing an apparition on film. As the night carries supernatural occurrences, creating conflict amongst the four, a dark force that threatens not only their sanity but also their lives hunts its victims one at a time.

  1. Los Inocentes – directed by Mauricio Brunetti

Set against the backdrop of a 19th century plantation in Argentina, a man returns to his family’s estate after a decade of his absence and finds himself submersed into a violent past of darkness; haunted by evil spirits, abuse, and slavery. A tale of vengeance that creates conflict within oneself; one may ask, who are the innocent?

  1. Trollhunter – directed by Andre Ovredal

Norwegian filmmakers set the bar high when producing a mockumentary style of film such as Trollhunter. Andre Ovredal, known for his most recent horror film The Autopsy of Jane Doe, successfully creates an eerie atmosphere full of tension and worthy scares. A group of Norwegian students embark on a journey to the mountains of Norway in order to film a documentary of bear poaching. Instead, they find themselves in the midst of dangerous territory where trolls roam…and eat. When asked by a troll hunter if they believe in God, they are warned that a troll can “smell a Christian man’s blood”.

  1. Ataud Blanco – directed by Daniel de la Vega

A road trip that finds its way taking a turn for the worst, Ataud Blacno (White Coffin) tells the story of Virginia whose daughter, Rebeca, is taken from her by an evil force. The further Virginia travels on her journey to find Rebeca, an evil plot is gradually unraveled along the way revealing the darkness of the world.

  1. Rec 4: Apocalypse – directed by Jaume Balaguero

The third sequel of the Rec series finds protagonist Angela Vidal in the midst of the mysterious viral outbreak once again. Abroad a ship in the middle of the ocean, Angela finds herself trapped with the very monsters she sought to escape in the earlier installments of this brutal horror series. Featuring the return of director Jaume Balaguero, Rec 4 concludes with all the bells and whistles a horror film should have. Check it out.

  1. The House at the End of Time (La Casa De Fin De Los Tiempos) – directed by Alejandro Hidalgo

A mystery gone unsolved for thirty years leads Dulce, wife and mother of two, in attempting to determine the cause of her family’s tragedy. After spending years in prison under false pretenses, Dulce is given a chance to face the supernatural forces that may be behind the unsolved mystery. From Venezuelan director Alejandro Hidalgo, La Casa De Fin De Los Tiempos is a film definitely worth watching.

  1. What We Become – directed by Bo Mikkelsen

Horror zombie film What We Become emphasizes the normal suburban life of a small Danish family who face a mysterious virus that sweeps the city unexpectedly. As family ties are put to the test in the midst of a zombie outbreak, What We Become offers worthy scares with a solid script. Enjoy!

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